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Legal bookkeeping

Legal & Commercial delivers professional-quality bookkeeping to match your requirements

Our team at Legal Bookkeeping has extensive experience in handling accounts for solicitors across Northern Ireland and Ireland. With professional knowledge of Law Society regulations and years of providing solicitors with a specialised service, our dedicated bookkeepers can ensure you are on track and on schedule. Our aim is to introduce ourselves into your environment in a relaxed and reassuring manner, working with you to guarantee the accounts are in the best shape possible.

Unlike an internal bookkeeper, our specialised service is highly flexible to the requirements and growth of your firm. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes, with the same commitment to privacy, data security, and regulatory standards. From daily bank reconciliation to monthly reporting, we see to it that everything is completed accurately and efficiently to suit your needs and goals.

Tailored bookkeeping services ensure your legal requirements are accounted for

Our tailored, personalised approach to legal bookkeeping ensures that all regulatory requirements are met, while providing a service that specifically works for your firm. Outsourcing offers the versatility you need, in order to handle ebbs and flows in finances, allowing your bookkeeping to be maintained year-round, regardless of the volume of work required.

We see to it that all Law Society requirements are met, providing bookkeeping, payroll, and pension services to ensure that your finances are clear, complete, and secure at all times. With expertise across six different types of major accountancy software, we can work with you remotely to provide a specialised, highly secure service that completely meets the GDPR for your clients. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

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Include partnering with IT Hub

You need to know your IT infrastructure is in safe hands. For over 10 years IT Hub has built what we believe is an unmatched reputation for service and support in the local business community. We spend very little on marketing – our customers are the greatest form of advertising we could wish for. Trusted across all business sectors, our technicians are among the most experienced and well trained. We have never lost sight of the fact that the customer is key.

The strength and confidence of our team is a result of remaining agile, highly skilled and responsive. Our processes are simple, and our resources are cutting edge. We provide the business community with IT support that now leads the way, with the most innovative and cost-effective support models available. Regardless of how big or small

Within the legal sector, most companies specialise in particular areas of law. Common to each, regardless of their size, is the simple fact that time is money. Technology should be improving your business processes, not slowing you down.

Support to the legal profession is an area where we specialise. We have helped many legal practices to enhance functionality, making important documents easily available to their teams whether at the office or on the move. IT Hub implements safe and reliable data backup solutions and automated processes that take away your IT worries.
We fully understand the IT challenges faced in this sector and have proven solutions for overcoming them. Legal professionals in Northern Ireland find in us an IT partner that understands their business, and which delivers transformational technology solutions saving them both time and money.

Key benefits of IT Services for the legal sector

Scalable solutions for any size practice
Complianace with IT regulations and industry best practices
Improved mobility, flexibility and collaboration
Enhanced security and protection from cyber threats

It all starts with an initial consultation with you or your team to understand exactly what you need.