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Providing specialist bookkeeping and training services to the legal industry

Based in Armagh, serving clients throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland


Since 2009, Legal & Commercial Bookkeeping has provided specialist services to the legal industry.

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Our team of trained, dedicated, and skilled professionals have the insight and experience needed to provide outsourced services in perfect alignment with Law Society guidelines and regulations. We support solicitors day-to-day with their general bookkeeping, payroll, and client finance duties to ensure that your firm remains on track and in compliance daily. Whether you require bookkeeping multiple days a week or professional training on legal software, our team is here to help. Find out more about Legal & Commercial


Legal bookkeeping

As a specialised legal bookkeeper service, our team understands the regulations and requirements placed upon solicitors’ firms. Our wealth of experience handling Law Society compliance and ensuring that your finances are managed makes us the ideal choice for solicitors in and around Northern Ireland and Ireland. Are you starting out as a solicitor and need outsourced bookkeeping support? Or are you an existing firm looking to grow and evolve alongside new compliance measures? Our highly skilled team can ensure your finances are handled efficiently. Our number-one priority is making sure that your bookkeeping is dealt with appropriately with the utmost respect for your clients' privacy. Find out more about how we can help you here Find out more about how we can help you here

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